Institution of Fire Engineers (India) publishes a Journal "Fire Engineer" this is a quarterly publication containing lucid articles by eminent fire safety scientists, experienced professionals, specialists in the field of fire protection engineering & Fire Officer, In addition to information on Rewards, Appointments & promotions, New technological inventions & developments, activities of Fire Services obituaries, News, letter to editor, technical queries etc are also published.

We solicit articles on the subjects concerning fire safety & fire engineering and other related information as enumerated above to share the developments among professional colleagues & all interested to know the subject. This journal is very popular among professionals particularly the students aspiring to take grade - I Exam and have wide circulation not only in the country but foreign countries as well. We have reciprocal arrangements for exchange of similar journals with foreign institutions. The contributors of Articles are paid honorarium of `2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred) per published article having more than three printed pages of the journal. Contribution of articles and other relevant information may be addressed to

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