Institution of Fire Engineers (INDIA) came into existence in the year 1973 as a premiere and a professional body registered under the Societies Act, 1860 under the esteemed chairmanship of Dy. Home Minister, Sh. B N Datar, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

Fire Advisory Council constituted by the chiefs of Fire services in India and headed by DG, NDRF & CD, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India enforced establishment of Institution of Fire Engineers (INDIA) by their strong recommendation and belief in the proposed idea.

Mission & Vision

The post-independence period was when India relied on other nations for some essential services. Fire safety and other Disaster Management techniques are one of them.

We realized that there was no recognized institute for imparting training in the field of Fire Engineering and Fire Protection.

The government of India then set up a National Fire Service College in the year 1956 under the Ministry of Home Affairs by introducing various Training courses for serving fire service professionals and fresh candidates for Sub. Officer Course for induction in Fire services. But this did not prove sufficient as due to fast industrialization and rapid increase in Fire Hazards, the NFSC could not cope with the high rising demand for imparting professional training to the individuals at various levels.

The fast-growing need for professionals and the workload of NFSC gave rise to the idea of setting up more institutions to be prepared and self-sufficient. Hence, after the recommendation of the Fire Advisory Council IFE (INDIA) was born. IFE(INDIA) is solely dedicated to the Fire Engineering Professionals and training them in a manner that they are self-sufficient to cope with any disastrous situation that may arise.

The individuals also sit for a Graduate ship Examination conducted by IFE(INDIA) which is recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Department of Education, Govt. of India for appointment to the post of Divisional Officer/Asst. Divisional Officer and below in Central and State Govts/Public Sectors and Local Bodies & Industries Fire Services.

INSTITUTION OF FIRE ENGINEERS (INDIA) was brought into existence to encourage, assist and extend comprehensive knowledge on all matters relating to Fire Engineering. It aimed to provide a holistic platform to hold conferences, seminars, and open forums where persons with outstanding professional knowledge and experience in the field of fire services could be invited to investigate the solutions to current problems concerning fire engineering. Another aspect is evaluating the skills and knowledge attained by the candidate by conducting regular examinations and tests, oral or written to judge the competency and providing Certificate, Diploma, or Degree for the same which will add up to the professional qualification quotient for any individual.

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We offer technical advice on problems specifically related to Fire & Life Safety. Various Fire Protection schemes for Industries and Commercial complexes are also introduced to generate awareness about how to prevent a disaster or fight a disaster in a time of need.

We aim at forming an association where we sow and reap together. IFE (India) is an institution that aims at coloring a larger, brighter picture keeping the team and its members together.

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