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IFE(INDIA) Consultancy Services has been set up as a unit of the INSTITUTE OF FIRE ENGINEERS (INDIA) to carry out surveys and provide professional services on Life and Fire safety as per provisions appended in the Memorandum of Articles of Association & Byelaws of the Institution. The objectives of the Consultancy services are Auditing existing fire protection arrangements and suggesting necessary improvements, and modifications to ensure optimum operational efficiency of the system and equipment including procedures for preventive maintenance schedule. This will include an examination of existing smoke detection & fire alarm system, fire hydrant system and portable fire extinguishers, and means of escape for life safety. This scope shall also include suggestions for segregating compartmental on mechanical ventilation and air pressurization etc wherever required to ensure life safety and smooth evacuation during smoke logging in case of fire.

The detailed working system shall be as detailed here under :-

• To carry out survey for risk assessment and fire fighting and rescue control management for industries, commercial institution and high rise complexes. The project report will give assessment of total fire protection requirements including manpower, appliances, systems and equipments (fire fighting, search rescue and life safety) for each office, stores workshop, buildings and open areas including jungle etc. separately.

• The scope of work shall include preparation of schedule of quantities cost estimates for each job, tender specifications, and supervision during execution of new works for acceptance and commissioning of system and equipment.

• To offer guidance and explore ways and means, through any or all of the following channels, to facilitate maintenance and improvement of the standard of technical knowledge of persons who are or likely to be engaged in the profession of Fire Engineering.

• Establishing link with schools, colleges and technical institutions where students and apprentices may obtain sound education and training in Fire Engineering.

• Holding of classes, whole or part time, within or outside the Institution, for the benefit of employees of the industries engaged in Fire Engineering, at the initiative of the employer.

• Holding examinations or tests, oral or written, to judge the competency of the candidates or for award of certificate and Diplomas.

• Judging and ascertaining qualifications of the persons, at the initiative of the employers or employees, to determine the suitability of an individual for a particular job and grading the qualifications essential for the effective and efficient performance of a job concerning Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention or Fire Engineering.

• To provide advice and guidance in matters relating to Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention or Fire Engineering to the Government of India, states, local bodies, Public Undertakings and industry when called upon to do so.

• To offer suggestions, advice and guidance to the Government and local Bodies Industries and commercial institutions relating to Fire Prevention, fire fighting and rescue capabilities.

• To carry out inventions and to investigate the merits and demerits of the inventions so far made in the scientific field with a view to employ such inventions advantageously for the betterment of the practice of Fire Engineering.

• To assist development of sophisticated Fire Appliances to meet the multifarious needs of the community.

PANEL OF EXPERTS: –The Institution maintains a panel of experts for consultancy services, highly qualified professional experts having vast experience in the field of Fire Safety and Fire Engineering Sciences constitute the panel.



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