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The risk of fire in industrial areas can be extreme. Not only can equipment or various machines pose a significant fire hazard if not properly maintained, but extensive fire damage can be devastating to a business. To protect workers and property from fire, industries should always take fire safety seriously and make it a priority to ensure that these facilities are adequately prepared for potential fires.

When it comes to fire prevention and control, there are several things industries can do to ensure that the proper safety measures are in place in the event of a fire.

Henceforth we have come up with a special Fire safety training for the industries. In this Fire safety training for the industries, trainees will be trained in the safe and effective use of firefighting equipment and techniques applicable to their area of responsibility. Trainees will gain knowledge and skills through a combination of lectures, group discussions, and individual and group practice exercises. Trainees must pass a written and practical exam to receive a course certificate.

Areas of Fire safety training for the industries will include the following:

  • Fire Behaviour
  • Ventilation
  • Water Supply
  • Fire Streams
  • Fire Control
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Salvage and Overhaul
  • Building Construction
  • Firefighter Safety

The actual training exercises will take place at the firefighting training grounds or at the client's premises (with mobile training units) using the following equipment:

  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Protective clothing for firefighters
  • Fire hydrant
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Foams
  • Hoselines (Handlines and Master Streams)
  • Hose equipment and tools

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