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Welcome to the Future of Fire Safety: Voluntary Fire Safety Inspection Scheme

Welcome to the world of quality assurance. The importance of an Inspection Certificate/Report cannot be overstated. This ensures transparency and accountability with local regulations. After the inspection process, the certificate/report reflects the findings, highlighting both the areas of adherence and any non-compliance observed.

In light of recent fire incidents, particularly in the Healthcare Sector, it has become apparent that a specialized approach to fire safety is essential. Despite existing regulations, there is a pressing need for Competent Inspection Agencies to cater to the unique requirements of industries and buildings. These agencies will play a pivotal role in evaluating compliance, identifying gaps, and bolstering overall preparedness.

The Institution of Fire Engineers (India) and the Association for Healthcare Providers India have taken a proactive stance by crafting a comprehensive Voluntary Fire Safety Inspection Scheme. IFE (India) with a rich legacy spanning 50 years and thousands of seasoned fire safety professionals across the Nation. Teaming up with AHPI, which represents over 20,000 hospitals across India, our goal is to establish a new standard in fire safety practices.

The launch of the Fire Safety Inspection Scheme signifies a significant milestone in our collective efforts to elevate fire safety practices. Your participation is pivotal, whether you're a fire inspector, part of an inspection agency, or interested in requesting audits.

Don't miss out—register today for the IFE(India) – AHPI Fire Safety Inspection Scheme. Join us in this crucial endeavor to create safer communities.

Bank details for the institution of Fire Engineers (India)

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Institution of Fire Engineers (India)
Account No.: 912010055430987
Account type: SA
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Axis Bank Ltd., Janakpuri B- Block, New Delhi - 110058

Thank you for contributing to the future of fire safety.

Fire Safety Inspection Scheme Documents 

Application Form for Fire Safety Inspection Agencies

Cross Reference Matrix for Fire Safety Inspection Scheme

Approved Fire Safety Inspection Agencies

Trained Fire Safety Inspectors & Technician 

Call for Fire Safety Inspectors and Technician

Request for Fire Safety Audit 

Training Module for Hospital Staff

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