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The Fellows, Hon. Fellows, Members, Hon. Members, Associate Members and Graduates may for professional purposes use the following distinctive titles for indicating membership of the Institution in various classes.

1. Fellows Fellow I.F.E. (India)
2. Honorary Fellows Hon. Fellow I.F.E. (India)
3. Members M.I.F.E. (India)
4. Honorary Members Hon. M.I.F.E. (India)
5. Associate Members A.M.I.F.E (India)
6. Graduates G.I.F.E. (India)

All classes of the members of the Institution shall have the privilege to attend all meetings of the Institution, except the Council Meetings, but only the Corporate and Graduate Members shall be entitled to vote there at. All members shall receive all circulated publications of the Institution.

Subject to such regulations as the Council may from time to time prescribe, every member, except the subscribers, shall be supplied with a Certificate of his membership. Every such Certificate shall remain the property of, and shall on demand be surrendered to the Institution.

Members of the Institution shall not be entitled to vote or to contest an election if their subscription, at the time of such events, is in arears for a period exceeding six months.

Only the corporate and Graduate Members of the Institution shall be eligible to hold any of the elective office of the Institution.

Graduate Members shall be eligible to become members of the Council and any of its committees, sub-committees or panels and can become an office bearer of the Institution.

Each company Member shall have the right to nominate two of his employees as representatives to participate in the discussions/meetings relating to Fire Engineering. He shall be vested with voting rights to the extent it is restricted to the topics and discussions relating to Fire Engineering. The representatives of a Company Member shall not be eligible to hold effective office or to vote in matters relating to the Administrative set up of the Institution.


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