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Completing school is an exciting phase in the life of every young adult. After twelve years of hard work and perseverance, one finally gets an opportunity to pursue their dream jobs and career goals. However, for some of us, this can be a time of confusion as well. Not all of us are aware of what career trajectory we would like to pursue. If you relate to this sentiment, you are not alone. We are here to help!

It is okay to feel overwhelmed by the question, ‘what career am I going to pursue?’ When there are a plethora of exciting and intriguing professions out there, it is difficult to pick one. But do not worry! We have listed some of the most out-of-the-box courses that one can pursue after 12th.

  1.     Firefighting
  2.     Airline Steward/Stewardess
  3.     Hotel Management
  4.     Fashion designing
  5.     Graphic Designing


Firefighting is one of the noblest professions that lists among the essential services that are necessary to sustain any community. This is why there is a constant need for firefighters. A good training course from a recognised institution in firefighting is ample to prepare first responders who offer their invaluable services in times of dire need. The key responsibilities of a firefighter include taming fires and rescuing civilians from flames. Firefighters are employed in other government and private institutions as well.

To know more: firefighter career path link

Alongside this, firefighters enjoy the most perks as opposed to other professions. Not only are they provided with health insurance, but they also enjoy other government-aided subsidies.

IFE (India) is among the top firefighter training institutes. To know more:

Here is a list of courses that IFE (India) offers:

Sr No

Name of Course

Course Code




Occupational Safety Health & Environment Management System


1 year



Fire Technology & Industrial Safety


1 year



Industrial Safety


1 year



Fire Fighter


6 Months

Minimum 10th


Interested students can fill application form at:

Airline Steward/Stewardess

For those who love to travel, pursuing a course to become an airline steward/stewardess is ideal. There are many courses offered by private institutes and even some airlines. However, there are some criteria that need to be met while pursuing this course:

·        Candidates should be between 17 years and 26 years

·        Candidate should have a minimum height of five feet and two inches

·        Candidates should have normal eyesight or corrected to 6/6 in both the eyes

An ideal candidate possesses a pleasing personality, confidence, and soft skills.

Hotel Management

Hotel management courses are designed to train future hotel managers who will be responsible for managing everything from the front-end tasks like reception, concierge, and reservations to the back-end tasks like budgeting and financing. Further, hotel managers are trained to plan, organise and direct every service that is offered by the hotel. Large hotels require an entire team of people to manage the institution. 

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is a broad term for a number of courses related to the apparel and textile industry. It includes courses like Apparel Design, Footwear Design, and Jewellery Design among others. A good fashion designer is equipped with great drawing skills, artistic thinking, and originality. Fashion design courses have become one of the most sought-after courses among the coming generations and offer a lot of scope for growth.

Graphics Designing Course

A graphic designing course is ideal for people with an equal amount of creativity and imagination. Graphic designers are tasked with creating posters, banners, icons, animations, and logos among a plethora of other graphics digitally. A good course in graphic designing facilitates the students with the latest technical design programs like Illustrator, InDesign, and Coral among others. What makes a course great, however, is its ability to promote originality in students. Graphic designers find ready employment in almost all corporates thanks to the emphasis on brand aesthetics and brand image.


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