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Handbook on Fire Technology

Accidents caused by fire are a disaster, and it is best to take the necessary precautions to prevent them. The Fire Technology Handbook is a reference book that serves as a guide for firefighters and safety officers who work in the fire service. The book covers the basics of firefighting technology. Due to the large number of flammable products used in various industrial processes, the risk of fire accidents in industrial establishments is high. In this book, special attention is given to eliminating the risk by pointing out certain preventive measures that must be taken. According to the book, high-rise buildings that do not give the necessary attention to fire safety measures are at great risk. The book discusses in detail the prevention of fire in high-rise buildings. It also provides guidelines on how certain industrial raw materials and finished products should be properly stored to prevent fire incidents. It also guides the proper handling of common firefighting equipment and fire suppression devices.

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